• Triple Glow Powder

    GloNation Triple Glow Powder adds daytime color to our luminescent powder. Lasting glow you can add to any medium.

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  • Triple Bright-Time Glow Paint

    Limitless Applications, with GloNation Triple Glow Paint.

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  • Industrial Glow Tape and Vinyl

    Industrial Glow Tape and Vinyl

    Glowing Products for safety and increasing visibility in the dark.

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  • Glow Fishing Lures Example

    Amplify Your Fishing Lures

    Use Triple or Neutral Glow Powder to make your own custom lures.

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Glow in the Dark Paint and Powder Applications and Uses

The light absorption and release processes of our glow in the dark paints, powders and products can be repeated endlessly. Simply add light to our glow in the dark products for a few minutes, and the phosphorescent paints and powders absorb that light, and then they will glow in the dark. These pigments will charge, glow, recharge and glow forever. Some glow times exceed 12 hours in duration, and all colors but the red will glow for hours — instead of minutes — in total darkness.

The phosphorescent, glow in the dark pigments are mainly applied as an additive to liquid mediums, printing plastisol, plastics of all types, glass, porcelain glazes, inks and other transparent media to achieve the self-luminescent effects. These unique and versatile, photoluminescent, glow in the dark pigments may be extruded or injection molded into most plastics and incorporated into most resins, coatings and clear mediums.

Our glow in the dark, water-based paints are high-quality, phosphorescent glowing paints. This allows you to create amazing works in a truly unique, new medium. Our Safety signage was developed for extreme brightness and durability when performance is critical.

We are glad you took this time to come to our web store. GloNation offers the best glow in the dark supplies, and our customer service that is second to none. We hope you accept our passport invitation to the GloNation today. An amazing world of glow awaits you.

Glow in the Dark Paint and Powder Applications and Uses

GloNation Paint, Powder, and Glow Products

bright time glow paintsbright time glow paints

Bright Time Glow Paint

Light Charging, and Blacklight Phosphorescent

GloNation's Bright Time Glow Paints are an excellent glow coating for creating exciting glowing projects and products. They are suitable for use on many substrates and materials. With no limitations, GloNation's Bright Time glowing paints allow you, the creator, to unleash your imagination.

neutral glow paint

Neutral Glow Paint

Bright Glowing Hues
Neutral Glow Powder Colors

Neutral Glow Powder

Mix with any Artist Medium
star mural supplies

Star Mural Supply

Mural Kits, Glow Paint & Accessories

Industrial Glow Tape and Vinyl

For creative fun or functional necessity

Creative Glow Ideas Will Inspire You Further


Brilliant Accessorizing


Safety at Night

Special FX

Liven Your Environment


Glowing Presentations


Embellish and Enhance


Mix with Artist Mediums


Learning for Kids


Fine Arts, Crafts and Muraling


Stand Out from the Crowd

Glow Paint & Products

GloNation Catalog

GloNation Glow Paint & Products

Now in store

Triple Glow Powder Pack

GloNation Triple Glow powder glows brightly and can be mixed with artist mediums for a variety of uses. Our powder pack gives you one each of the entire color collection.

Bright Time Multi Pack

Get 2 oz. bottles of all of GloNation's Bright Time glow colors in our convenient Bright Time Multi-Pack. This deal contains one each of blue, pink, orange, yellow, red, green and purple Bright Time glow in the dark paint.

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