Glow in the Dark Paint

 The History of Fluorescent Paint


When imagining luminescent paint, people of a certain era, remember all the amazing psychedelic art they created while consuming magic mushrooms! While tapestries and VW buses have forever been memorialized, fluorescence has been around a bit longer.


The brothers of phosphorescence


Brothers from Berkeley, California, Joseph and Robert Switzer began their quest of luminescence in the 1930s through identifying naturally occurring fluorescent compounds with a black light. The brothers quickly started mixing the compounds in different mediums, such as shellac, thus, fluorescent paint was created! The simple mixture was used in their magic shows in both their props and costumes.


The brothers developed a knack for business and proposed their paint to companies to use for advertising purposes, and later partnered with Warner Brothers Pictures. Soon their paints would be seen in movie posters and displays across the country.


All About GloNation 2 copyWartime paint


In the 1940s they continued to innovate the industry, and conceived fluorescent pigments that converted ultraviolet light to visible light making a color brighter than all daytime pigments!


The military made use of this invention in World War II when they used this pigment for many purposes:

Fabric panels - The fabric panels were used on ground troop uniforms in North Africa to prevent bombs being dropped on allies.


Aircrafts - Pilots had the paint used on aircrafts to prevent mid-air collisions, and the Navy used the blacklight fluorescent paints for a  guided landing strip at night.


As the war wrapped up, these pigments were used for safety equipment including construction cones, safety vest, and street signs, as a result of their high daytime visibility.


Toy manufacturers also took advantage of this novel paint and began using it hula hoops and posters.


Psychedelics and beyond


This paint is best known for the psychedelic art of the hippie era as seen in musician’s album covers, such as Cream. San Francisco artists emerged on the forefront of psychedelic art and included Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin, Wes Wilson, and Bonnie MacLean.

Today, a new era of artists have come forth including Android Jones, Justin Guse, Alex Grey, and Amanda Sage. An artist specifically using fluorescent paint as a medium is Cristoforo Scorpiniti.


Companies such as GloNation arrived with industry-leading glow paint that can be combined in any liquid medium and used in graphic arts, plastics, packaging, coating and paints, safety and security, and textiles and apparel.


Craft your own project


Because of the versatility of UV paint and its ability to be mixed with virtually anything, you can apply it to almost everything! It’s wonderful in kids art projects such as:

Mapping constellations on the ceiling

Glow-in-the-dark bowling at home

Glow-in-the-dark t-shirts with Alice in Wonderland scenes

Glow-in-the-dark volleyball

Glow-in-the-dark furniture


Adults can also get creative and craft illuminous garden stones, paintings, and even jewelry! If you’re entertaining, make glow-in-the-dark lawn games such as twister, tic-tac-toe, or beer pong!


Experiment today!


GloNation makes amazing glow-in-the-dark products for all ages! Illuminate your creativity!

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GloNation is all about glow-in-the-dark paints and powders


Here at GloNation, we specialize in glow-in-the-dark paint and powders! Our products are all water-based acrylic paints, and come in seven different colors, including blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow.


Green - this color, being the strongest of all the phosphorescent colors, has the most balanced glow, making it the perfect color to layer and create different hues with.

Blue -this blue is a subtle sky blue color, and is great for mixing to make new colors!

Red - this hue is great for daytime colors, and gives a nice pink glow in the darkest of surroundings. It’s great for highlights and base applications.

Purple - this color gives a vibrant glow, where in daylight places, it gives off a traditional purple, and in darker areas, it is a violet color. It gives both great depth and highlighting abilities.

Pink - this color looks its best in dark atmospheres, and it is easily layered for different color combinations.

Yellow - comparable to the green, this color shines brightly! This paint is a great for all projects, and some hunters even use it for gun and bow sites!

Orange - this juicy, dreamy color is truly unique, and is great for all creative projects.


Many clients, including the US Government, Hollywood, and artists alike have used our products to create products that glow!

Our products are ignited by light absorption when exposed for a few minutes; the effect can be repeated endlessly! Many of the colors will glow up to 12 hours, with the exception of red.


The phosphorescent glow products are typically added to a liquid medium, including plastics, glass, porcelain glazes, inks, and printing plastisol, that create an illuminating effect! The glow powder can also be added to injection molding, resins, coatings, or clear mediums. Remember, these paints are for arts and crafts, and not intended for use as body paint.


Our products


Bright Time Glow Paint


This specific product is wonderful for many materials, including electronics, and dries to a semi-gloss finish. These paints are excellent for both light and dark areas, but what’s different from other companies, is the vibrant daytime glow the paints have!


Neutral Glow Paint


The Neutral Glow Paint products are the unpigmented phosphorescent paints. With these paints your creativity is endless as they apply to any surface! These paints dry in an off-white and are nearly undetectable in the daylight.


Neutral Glow Powder


These powders can be effortlessly mixed with any liquid mediums, including epoxies, polyurethanes, and acrylic emulsions. When mixed and absorbed by light, they emit a medium glow.


Triple Glow Powders


The Triple Glow Powders glow brightly both in the daytime, as well as under a blacklight. These powders can be mixed in a variety of liquid mediums.


Industrial Glow Tape and Vinyl - The tape and vinyl products were designed to strongly adhere to metal and concrete, or any surface. Companies use this product as safety strips to indicate areas to call attention to. It is used to mark hand rails if the power goes out and other emergency markings.

Artists and crafters use it for making jewelry, adhesive letters, fishing lures, and so many other great crafting opportunities!


Star Mural Supplies


GloNation offers glow paint sets for all your crafting needs!


GloNation’s Advanced Stencil and Glow paint Set - This set is for the more adventurous artist! Take your star extravaganza talents to the next level!


GloNation’s Basic Star Mural Kit - This kit is great for exploring luminescent paints, and a great starter kit with a simple layout!


Complete Stencil Package - This package includes 33 stellar stencils to map stars, black holes, and planets in all your creative endeavors!


Ready to experiment with glow-in-the-dark paint? Contact GloNation today!

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