Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

What do the glow in the dark paints and powders look like when they are glowing in the day time?

What color is GloNation Super Phos Glow in the Dark Powders in normal light?
Our green and aqua powders are off-white or very, very light yellow in color. The strontium red, blue, violet and white are white. Our zinc red is a pinkish red in the day.

What color is GloNation Super Phos Glow in the Dark Paints in the normal light?
Our un-pigmented style glow in the dark paints have the same color as our powders. The pigmented styles are red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, green, aqua, pink and white in the daytime.

How much surface area does GloNation Super Phos glow in the dark paints cover?
This strictly depends on how much glow paint is applied, but the rule on coverage is at a five mil thickness coat, and you'll get approximately 300 sq. ft. per gallon, approximately 80 sq. ft. per quart., approximately 40 sq. ft. per pint. and approximately 2 sq. ft. per 1 oz

Can you mix two GloNation Super Phos glow in the dark powder colors and get a different glow color?

In the world of glow, unfortunately, yellow and green do not make blue. So you can not mix the powder and paints to achieve a true different color. You can, however, make different hues of glowing colors by using layering techniques.

Can I add GloNation's Super Phos glow in the dark powder to water to make it glow or make paint?.
No, the glow in the dark powder will simply sink to the bottom of the container. It will glow there, but you won't be able to disperse it throughout the mixture. You need something that will suspend the powder and be clear, so the light can charge it.

Can I add GloNation’s Super Phos glow in the dark powder to regular paint and make glow paint?
GloNatio uses special polymers and emulsions to make our one-of-a-kind glow in the dark paint. Our pigmented glow paints allow light to get through to charge the powder particles and still have a daytime color. Regular latex paints can not do this because they have heavy pigments added that block the light from charging the powder particles.

Do you send free samples?
We no longer send out free samples. If you're unsure and would like to try a small amount, please test our quality with our 1 oz glow powder sampler package or our 2 oz sampler of glow paint packages. This will give you a great idea of what to expect from larger quantities, without having to spend the money upfront. 

Do you ship internationally.
Absolutely! We can ship anywhere, anytime and at any speed you prefer.

How do you make a bike glow in the dark.
To make a bike frame glow, ideally, you need to strip the bike to bare metal. Prime it then with a white or light color paint. Then, mix 1 oz of our glow in the dark powder with 4 oz of a good automotive clear coat. Then, spray paint the bike with a HVLP spray gun for a professional look. Several coat are required for the best glowing effect. You can also use GloNation's Glow in the Dark Tape cut into strips and placed on the bike frame if repainting the bike is too much of a project.

For more information or to have your glow-in-the-dark questions answered, contact us.