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Welcome to the main Glow in the Dark Paint page at GloNation.  We offer two main formulas, which you will see below with video and information for each.  Triple Bright-Time shows color in the daylight, which our Neutral Super-Phos does not have a daytime color.  If you need the paint to show up with color during the day, please give our Triple Bright-Time formula a try!

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Amazing Glow in the Dark Paint with Daytime Color

Triple Bright-Time Glow Paints will add exciting, luminous features to your projects and craft ideas. Performance tack offers excellent adhesion on many substrates and materials with minimal surface preparation. Glowing paint adds an exciting dimension to your projects as they come to life at night. Add a splash of luminescent glow to the other colors in your palette, or switch over completely to glow in the dark paint. Whatever you decide to do, let the high-quality and long-glowing GloNation formula power you to success.

We're excited to present you this high-quality phosphorescent glow in the dark paint, and we invite you to explore endless applications with our glow coating. Bright Time paints dry to a Semi-Gloss Finish. Please note, our paints and powders are NOT intended for use on the body!

These paints offer an extremely vibrant daytime color, very similar to their nighttime glow color. They are great for many situations and loads of fun to use. If you want bright and glowing paint, then Bright Time Glow in the Dark Paints are the BEST AND BRIGHTEST AVAILABLE.

Super bright under blacklight and continues glowing when the lights go out!

Super Phos Phosphorescent Glow in the Dark Paints


GloNations' Super Phos Phosphorescent Unpigmented GLOW IN THE DARK PAINTS are the industry leader for creating exciting glowing items. Best of all, these glow paints can be used on almost any surface. GloNation is excited to present high-quality phosphorescent glow coatings that you won't find anywhere else. 

These paints dry off-white in color, and against a white background, they are nearly undetectable.

Please note that these paints are not designed for use on the body and should not be used as a body paint or in the hair.

Our Super Phos Glow in the Dark Paints are also known as Invisible glow paints!

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