Aqua Neutral Super-Phosphorescent Glow in the Dark Paint

aqua neutral glow in the dark paint

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Extreme Glow Time GloNation's Aqua Super Phos Glow in the Dark Paint is the second strongest of all phosphorescent glow colors. (2nd only to our green neutral super-phos glow in the dark paint) This Aqua paint is creamy smooth and appears as an off-white daytime color.  Our aqua blend produces a very even glow competitive with any glow in the dark paint on the market.  For best results charge for at least 15-min under full-spectrum light.  Also reflects 100% under UV blacklight party lights. 

Indiglow Hue This aqua color appears like the trademark Indiglow color.  Not bright green, not blue, but a very pleasing harmony of blue and green, reminiscent of UV cockpit illumination, designed to reduce visual fatigue for extended flights.  This relaxing color harmony, when coupled with the extreme glow time of neutral super-phos, makes this specific aqua color well suited for safety applications and egress.   

Classic Glow Color Use GloNation Aqua Neutral for that classic glow look.  The popularity of glowing crafts and products increased in recent years allowing for exciting new glow in the dark hues like red and purple. However, any project that requires a touch of nostalgia will rely heavily on our aqua hue glow paint.  Alternate to aqua, both of our orange powder and green also accentuate a vintage sheen.  

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