Triple Glow Paint Acrylic Pour Kit

Triple Glow Acrylic Pour Kit

GloNation’s New Invisible Glow Paint Pouring Kit comes with everything you need to create beautiful Glowing Acrylic Art Pours. The paint is off-white in the daylight but in the dark, it glows in amazingly bright and vibrant colors. See our Video Link for full instruction on how to use the kit. Our triple-glow, easy-to-use kit, gives you enough supplies to complete 2 glowing art pieces. Kit includes:

  • 1 set GloNation Neutral Glow Paint set 2 oz each of Red Purple, Green, Blue, Aqua, Dark Blue and White.
  • 1 ea 7-ounce bottle Pouring medium
  • 2 ea 9” x 12” high quality stretched canvas
  • 1 ea Glow paint Strainer
  • 1 ea GloNation UV light torch (only the sun is better to charge your painting)
  • 7 ea. mixing cups with wood stir sticks
  • 1 ea Table Cover
  • 2 sets of vinyl gloves, 1 set of Medium and 1 set of Large
  • 4 ea squirt bottles for more creative glow paint splatters


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