Blue Triple Bright-Time Glow in the Dark Paint

Blue Bright Time Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

Blue Bright Time Glow Paint

If you want a long-lasting glow, choose Blue Bright Time Glow in the Dark Paint.

  • This glow paint comes in four sizes.
  • Bright Time Glow in the Dark Paint is the brightest available glow paint!
  • This paint isn’t just impressive when it’s dark; it has a beautiful, vibrant daytime color.
    The color of the Blue Bright Time Glow in the Dark Paint from GloNation is best described as bright sky blue, and it’s a must-have color for any collection. Though not intended to be used on the body, face or in the hair, this paint will adhere to many different materials. This paint is not intended to be mixed to create different colors, but you can create different hues through layering. Not only does this incredibly bright paint glow beautifully at night, but during the day, you’ll enjoy an eye-catching, vibrant color.
  • Blue
  • Available in 4 sizes - 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz.,16 oz.

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