Red Triple Bright-Time Glow in the Dark Paint

Red Bright Time Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

Red Bright Time Glow Paint

No palette is complete without Red Bright Time Glow in the Dark Paint.

  • This is the perfect paint for base applications and highlighting.
  • With a lovely night time glow and a vibrant daytime color, this paint is very versatile.
  • When you use multiple layers, you can create your own unique hues!
    GloNation's Red Bright Time Glow in the Dark Paint is a must in any palette. This red glow paint appears as an excellent red in the daytime and glows a nice red/pink in the extreme dark. It’s a nice option for highlights and base applications. Although the 15-minute glow time of this paint is fleeting, like all Bright Time Glow in the Dark Paint, the glow it does create is very bright, allowing you to create some very dramatic effects. This paint is an absolute essential when a red color is needed in your palette. 
  • Red
  • Available in 4 sizes - 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz.,16 oz.

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