Purple Glow in the Dark Powder

Purple Glow-in-the-Dark Powder

Purple Glow in the Dark Powder SKU=GN-PRPL

GloNation's Purple - Super Phosphorescent - Neutral Glow Powder glows pink with a violet hue. In direct UV black light the the powder appears brilliant pink w/ a hint of violet. As the lights go out, the violet glow intensifies. Originally we coined this new color 'Rose' owing to the vibrant pink glow which shows under direct black light. Since the purple shades appear when truly glowing, we decided purple more aptly describes this new color! This purple is one of two new additions to our GloNation color palette. Also, check out the GloNation Red - Super Phosphorescent - Neutral Glow Powder

If your project requires a deep purple color then perhaps take a look at our GloNation Dark Blue Neutral Glow Powder. The Dark Blue color glows a bit darker with more saturation of color. The Dark Blue also glows with notes of violet too.
  • Pinkish-violet glow color
  • Neutral white daytime color
  • Glows in the dark for up to 2 hrs.
  • Available in 15-45 micron particle sizes
  • Dissolves in water and solvent based mediums
  • Excitation wave length is 250nm-425nm
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