Glow in the Dark Paint Gallery



Jason Buroker


Jason Buroker lives in Independence, Kentucky and currently works in Information Technology at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. He paints in his home studio in Independence. He has studied at the University of Cincinnati DAAP program and the Cincinnati Art Academy. He holds degrees in English Literature and Biomedical Electronics. He is working towards art as a full time career. Jason is also a key inspiration and good friend to GloNation, and we are deeply indebted to him. Or, we at least owe him a couple of six packs. Thanks for all your help over the years. Without your help we simply would not be.

Tom Bacher

Tom Bacher is the father of phosphorescent painting, Mr. Bacher developed the idea of using glowing pigments in his art many years ago. His works are being shown all over the world at major galleries and private collections in New York, Paris, LA, Brussels and Beverly Hills, just to name a few. With pieces, like “Manhattan Moon” below, it is little wonder why his work is in such demand. He is the Master Phosphorescent Artist.


Alicia Emely


My works are intended to bridge between painting, sculpture and nature, what we are and what we are each predisposed to observe, pulling each of us deeper into ourselves and our essential collective awe of nature’s magic individually experienced.

I use repurposed building materials when I can, such as doors, glass, sheet metals and copper pipe for my paintings and sculptures. I enjoy using recycled unwanted latex paint and polyurethane. It’s important to me to do what you can to protect Mother Nature’s Earth and all of her beautiful creations.

Displaying my paintings in public buildings brings diversity and art awareness but also sends a recycle and repurpose message to all viewers.


Symeon Nostrakis


I am a psychedelic visionary artist, I have been a member of the psychedelic trance family since 1995, and I have been working with UV-black light fluorescent and Glow-in-the-dark phosphorescent colours since 1998.  In 1998, I conceived an inspired idea to start using black light paints and phosphorescent colours on large scale UV backdrops, banners and murals to create unique magic pictures that have three different views and color effects, depending on the light.


Star Murals


Chris Westall


Chris Westall is an amazing artist from Wickford, South Essex in the UK, specializing in faux painting and Trompe L'Oeil techniques. He is an accomplished artist on the subject, having authored two books, Trompe L'Oeil Interiors and then a follow-up, The Trompe L’Oeil Bible. Recently introduced to the Phosphorescent Medium, Chris has now added glowing ceiling murals and art to his list of talents. Creating breathtaking comic murals, Chris’s talents have carried over nicely to the phosphorescent medium, and he is now what we believe to be the premier star ceiling mural creator. His star murals are really more than that, as he takes the ceiling mural to the highest levels.



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