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Triple Glow Powder

GloNation's Triple Glow Powders have a vibrant day time color, as well as glowing extremely brightly under a black light, and when the light are all off they continue to glow in the dark. Our glow in the dark powder are the best in business. Great in resins, epoxies and any clear viscous medium

Bright Time Glow Paint

GloNation's Bright Time glow paints are an excellent glow coating for creating exciting glowing projects and products. Suitable for use on many substrates and materials. With no limitations, GloNation's Bright Time glowing paints allow you, the creator, to unleash your imagination.

Neutral Glow Powder

GloNation's Super Phos phosphorescent glow in the dark powders are the highest commerical grade of new glowing material that after being exposed to light will absorb that light energy and then slowly release it over time. These glow in the dark powders will glow for hours in total darkness and offer a variety of practical, and fun uses. Mixing these glow powders in clear mediums such, as polyurethanes, epoxies, plastics or acrylic emulsions will render that medium to glow in the dark after being charged by light.

Neutral Glow Paint

GloNation's Super Phos Phosphorescent Unpigmented GLOW IN THE DARK PAINTS are the industry leader for creating exciting glowing items. Excellent for use on almost any surface. GloNation is excited to present high quality phosphorescent glow coatings and invite you to explore this exciting new glow coatings.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does GloNation Neutral Glow Powder look in normal light?

The GloNation neutral green and neutral aqua glow powders appear off-white or a very light yellow. The strontium-based red, blue, violet, and white glow in the dark powders appear white. Our zinc-based red looks pinkish red in the day.

How does GloNation Neutral Glow Paint look in normal light?

The daytime look of our neutral glow paints appears mostly white or a very light pastel of the original color. For projects that require daytime and night-time viewing consider purchasing GloNation Bright Time glow in the dark paints.

How much surface area does GloNation glow in the dark paint cover?

This depends a little bit on the individual artist, however as a general rule one gallon will cover 300 square feet. Approximately 80 sq. ft. per quart. Approximately 40 sq. ft. per pint. Approximately 2 sq. ft. per 1 oz.

Can I mix two GloNation products to create new colors?

In the world of glowing pigments and paints, yellow and green do not make blue. Therefore, one cannot mix the powder and paints intuitively to gain additional colors. However, consider artistic layering techniques or pointillism to create the illusion of different hues. Please browse our web galleries to see the wide variety of application methods in practical use.

Can one add GloNation's Neutral Glow Powder to water to extend it and/or make paint?

No, if one adds powder to water it will simply sink to the bottom of container. Consider using an artist medium to achieve the proper suspension of glow powder for practical use. Additionally, our neutral glow paints come ready to use right out of the tube.

Is it possible to add GloNation's Neutral Glow Powder to regular paint and make glow paint?

No. GloNation uses special polymers and emulsions to make our paint. These transparent polymers allow light to penetrate and charge the powder particles. Mixing with latex paints will not achieve the desired outcome, since the paint's opaque pigments block the transmission of light to the pigments. For best results we recommend transparent gel medium.

Does GloNation offer free samples?

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer free samples of GloNation paints and powders. If you need to test the product prior to use, please consider our affordable 1-ounce glow powder sampler package or for glowing paint consider our 2-ounce sampler package.

Does GloNation offer international shipping?

Yes, GloNation ships our glow in the dark products world-wide. Shipping charges may vary based on location and delivery rate.

How do you make a bike glow in the dark?

To make a bike frame glow ideally you need to strip the bike to bare metal. Then, prime the bike with a white or light color. Next, mix 1 ounce of our glow powder to 4 ounces of quality automotive clear-coat. Spray paint the bike with a HVLP spray gun for a professional look. Several coats are required for best glow effect. Alternatively, you could also use GloNation Glow Tape cut into strips and placed on the bike frame to add glow without repainting.

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