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Star Murals

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Techniques for Creating Glow-in-the-Dark Star Murals

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If there was ever a "killer application" for Glow-in-the-Dark paint, creating star murals is surely one. Easy to do, and fun for the whole family, we give you the "How To" skinny on the techniques to accomplish them.

The five basic ingredients to create a killer, basic ceiling mural are as follows.

  1. Star fields
  2. Shooting stars
  3. Gas or nebula clouds
  4. Planets and black holes
  5. Constellations

Star Fields:

These are some of the quickest and easiest effects to create. Using GloNation’s splatter brush simply apply our Super Phos Glow-in-the-Dark paint to the bristles and then pointing the brush where you want the paint particles to land, rake the bristle backward. When they bounce back to normal position it will flick thousands of tiny Micro Stars. Then using our paint tubes Squeeze a star system, you make large stars by squeezing stars of different sizes to create an amazing 3 D affect. This is the base you will need to create a full blown ceiling star mural.

Glow-in-the-Dark Shooting Stars:

Shooting stars are achieved by painting a small ball of glow paint and drawing the brush back away from the ball in a straight line to give it a tail. GloNation stencils have lines between each star hole and are a great for painting shooting stars.

Use the lines in our stencils to make shooting stars. Paint one hole and the line behind it. Let dry for 10 minutes then use a dry brush and brush over it towards the tail to create a glowing tail.

Glowing Gas Clouds:

Using our Mixing Medium or by thinning our glow paints. The rag roll faux technique works best for this affect. Mix our medium with the supplied glow powder color of your choice. Pour on to a non porous plate. Then using a dampened clean rag, pat the area where you want the clouds. This adds additional dimension to your mural and is usually applied over your star field.

Planets, Moons and Black Holes:

To make good planets and black holes you really need a perfect circle stencil. Using homemade stencil or free handing this is very tough to do over your head. Apply the stencil to the area where you want the planet or black hole. When using our stencils we recommend Stencil Magic a spray adhesive especially made for stencils to stick to the ceiling. You can purchase this at any hobby store. Spray the back of the stencil and apply to the ceiling. For planets use the rag rolling technique dab paint into the hole of the stencil. You can also brush glow paint with a two inch regular soft bristle paint brush. To add craters for a realistic 3D affect let dry for 5 minutes and with a clean damp sea sponge blot over it to remove paint from areas of the planet or moon.

Black hole effects are created using the solid plastic circle. Adhere it to the area where you want the affect. Then paint around the edges of the circle. When you remove the stencil it will be dark where you did not paint and a perfect black hole will appear.


The absolute easiest way to create a replica of the heavens and all the different constellation is to use GloNation Stenciling system. We have all 24 of the different constellation and zodiac signs stencil that come with a complete mapping guide. This is available for sale separately or in our Advanced Star Kit. These kits contain everything you need to create amazing mural all in one package.



Glow Candles

Making Glow in the Dark Candles

Making glow in the dark candles is fun, easy, and neat to do. A great project to do with the kids on a cold rainy day, this is fun for all age groups. Kids love to create, and there is a lot of room to create here.

First Step, Supervision

Do not let children do this by themselves!. You will be working with hot materials and perhaps a stove to melt your gel. So be very available. Besides, it is really about spending time with them for you and about learning for them. Also, candles can be inherently dangerous due to the fire portion of it. Suggest that they make them and send it to Uncle Bob and Aunt Martha. You do not want them burning candles in their room. If they want to make one for themselves here is an easy solution - do not put a wick in and call them the “wickless candle for kids.” You can also put fragrance in them. Many people call the wickless candles air fresheners. It is the same stuff. You can put a bunch of fragrance in it and it covers up the smelly sneaker smell in their room. There is a caution on using the fragrance which we will cover.

Second Step, Materials

If you do not plan on making a bunch of these I suggest getting a kit from your local crafts store. You are going to be making gel candles and that is what you should ask for when you look for them. The kit should include the following: candle gel, glass containers, candle thermometer, wicks and complete instructions. It will probably also come with things called embeds. Almost all of these premade kits are aquatic themed. You will get a fish, a seashell and some sand. You can get great info at if you want to make more. It is endless what you can do with this type of candle making. I have found them to be very helpful and informative. Also you will need a couple of pots or metal pans to melt your gel.

Third Step, Preparation

Clean off a kitchen table. Like with all crafts you need room for all this creating. Gel candle making is a lot like cooking. It is all about timing, good ingredients, and you must be a little patient.

Fourth Step, Execution

1. Have the kids break up the gel into little pieces and place it in your melting pot. This lets the kids get their hands into it and it feels gooey. No real mess for mom. Some candle makers recommend using a double boiler system. What that means is you have a large pan with water in it and bring it to a boil then take a pot with the gel in it and place that in the boiling water. The water can not get hotter than 220 deg F because that is boiling point. That way you never have an issue with the gel catching on fire from being to hot. You do not want the gel getting hotter than 200 deg. That is why you always use your candle thermometer. You really do not need to heat your gel any higher than 180 for this application. The safest way to melt your gel is to get a Presto Pot. The Presto Pot is given that name for obvious reasons. This is a great way to melt your gel and not have the mess. Plus they are very inexpensive at around $30.00 and you can reuse it and make more candles or air fresheners. Or melt regular wax for conventional candles.

2. Next you need to place your wick into the glass container. Dip the tab end of your wick in the hot gel let it stand for a couple of seconds and cool then place in the bottom of the glass container so it adheres to the glass. Place it in the middle. I suggest you push down on the tab with a pencil to make it stick to the glass good.

3. Into the melted gel, pour the GloNation glow in the dark powder. One ounce will make one pound of gel glow like crazy. You at this time can add gel coloring and fragrance. You should only use fragrance that is made for gel candles. This is important! And do not use too much. Read how much to add from any good gel candle making web site. You need to stir this mixture to circulate the glow powder into the gel. Use a heat resistant spatula from the local dollar store. Pour the gel into the glass container with the wick. Remember it is hot so be careful. Do not let the kids do this! You can alter the Presto Pot and add a spout to make the pouring easier. Let it cool and you have a glow in the dark candle.

About the Author

Troy Myers is the owner of LLC and a candle enthusiast. He made the candles below and they glow like crazy. I hope you enjoy this project as it is fun and you can make it profitable.


Spray Painting & Airbrushing

Spray Painting & Airbrushing with Glow in the Dark Powders

Spray Painting & Airbrushing is a wonderful art that requires a graceful hand and great technique to get a good result. Hours of practice go into just learning the art of mastering brush strokes. Use of the trigger combined with the distance of the brush is very hard to get the hang of. But if you have ever watched a talented airbrush artist you will be amazed at what they can create. It is to those artists this article is directed. I suggest you try to make your art Glow!

Glow in the dark powders have been around a while. The zinc sulfide type was developed way back in the early 1800's. These are still cool, but the longevity of glow is only around a half an hour at best. Within the last twenty years, glow in the dark powders have come a long way. A compound called Strontium Aluminate was developed and scientist added an activator called Europium and bang! You have a substance that glows up to 13 hours. I will not go into the details of how it stores and releases energy here, but I do want to cover how it works in an airbrush.

Glow in the dark powders come in 8 different colors. Red, White, Blue, Teal, Violet, Green, Yellow, and Orange. The yellow and orange are a yellow-green with added dyes to make them glow yellow or orange. The rest are their true colors. They can have many different daytime colors. The red, purple, blue, are white in the day light. The green and teal are an off white with a slight yellow green tint. The orange and yellow have like colors in the daytime. The white has a daytime color of white. These colors can differ from suppliers, and the colors listed are those of

Glow times are 12 hours for the green, 8 to 10 for the teal and blue, 4 for purple yellow and orange. The red is half an hour and the white is around 10 minutes.

The powders also come in different mesh or grain sizes. For Spray Painting & Airbrushing I highly suggest using the finest mesh glow in the dark powder available. See the chart below.

  • Smallest size 12-25 micron
  • Medium size 25-55 micron
  • Large size 55-100 micron

You will also get varying degrees of glow time from your glow paint depending on the size of the particles. The smaller the size, the less the glow time. But adding layers enhances the glow intensity.

This is the tricky part of Spray Painting & Airbrushing with glow in the dark powder; because it is grainy, it tends to clog the brush more often than just using airbrush paint.

Airbrush Diagram

You can see from the illustration that the paint and powder go through a very narrow needle valve. So it is key to get the fine mesh powder to mix with your paint.

But do not shy away, because with some small changes and a couple of easy hints you can do this with no trouble and no headache. You will get great results and stunning reactions.

Follow these steps and you are on your way to making great art.

    1. Use the clearest airbrush medium possible. Liquitex airbrush medium is very good with our powder. Glow in the dark powder works great in clear coats and varnishes and lacquers. Do not mix too much powder to paint. The usual ratio is one ounce of powder to five of clear medium. Add a little at a time and then test it by exposing it to a bright light 150 watt or above, or black light to activate the glow. Test your mixture on a piece of thick paper first, letting it dry, then check with a black light. Black lights are rich in Ultra Violet light and charge the powder well.
    2. Use a gravity feed airbrush. This will allow the medium to mix with the powder and flow through the brush better.
    3. Spray in a dark room with a black light. This will let you to see the glow activated so you know what it will look like while glowing.

  1. Always use light thin coats and layer many times for best results.
  2. For larger areas use a small HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) detail spray gun. These work great for spray painting larger objects.
  3. Clean your brush between each coat. This helps avoid clotting.

So that's all there is to it! You can make some really great looking art with glow in the dark paint. It adds an extra dimension to your craft that maybe you have not thought about.

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We are so confident that you will love our glow products we offer the following guarantee, If GloNation products do not perform as stated or viewed in this website, simply send it back and we will refund you the purchase price plus the original shipping cost.